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Dec 06, 2022


NexTech 2022

Tackling What's Next in Tech As the year draws to a close, against a backdrop of busy retail days and marketers trying to spend those budgets, join Adweek to discuss t

Dec 07, 2022


Finance & Technology

Data Science Salon New York is a one-day 300 person conference focused on AI and machine learning applications in finance and technology. The intimate event curates data science se

Dec 10, 2022


Women in Tech Global Awards & Inspire Summit 2022

The virtual ceremony honored the most accomplished women in tech and allies through an interactive platform which featured live ceremonies, keynotes, engaging panels, fireside chat

Dec 15, 2022


AVA Digital Awards

The creative convergence of digital arts, technology, and information is changing the way we market, communicate, and socially interact. The advent of digital media