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In-Person Apr 03 - Apr 03 Hosted by CIMM

Insights Development, Media Measurement, Financial Services

CIMM Summit East

New York, NY

Hosted at the Paramount White Box at 1515 Broadway, CIMM Summit East will bring together top executives in media, advertising, technology and measurement for a day of discussions, debates and exclusive...

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In-Person Apr 08 - Apr 10 Hosted by ANA

Media Marketing, AI/ML

2024 ANA AI for Marketers Conference

Hollywood, FL

The next generation of Artificial Intelligence is here and it will have profound impacts on our business and change the way we work. This innovation breakthrough is automating tasks and...

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In-Person Apr 09 - Apr 10 Hosted by MMA

Brand Marketing, AI/ML

MMA Impact Brasil 2024

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Artificial intelligence, genuine marketing MMA Impact Brasil 2024 brings, in yet another edition, the main discussions and revolutions experienced in the field of marketing. This year, still under the influence and...

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In-Person Apr 10 - Apr 11 Hosted by Revenue Marketing Alliance

Analytics / Data, AI/ML


Denver, CO

Looking to master the art of demand? Then look no further than #Demand24.

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Hybrid Apr 18 - Apr 18 Hosted by ARF & MSI

Brand Marketing, CTV, Digital

Shopper 2024

Chicago, IL

COMPETING FOR TODAY’S SHOPPER: TOOLS, TECHNOLOGIES & TRENDS As the advertising industry evolves, brands are leveraging a proliferation of digital platforms and marketing solutions in the quest for consumer loyalty...

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In-Person Apr 24 - Apr 25 Hosted by AI Accelerator Institute


AI Accelerator Summit

San Jose, CA

What is AI Accelerator Summit? AI Accelerator Summit bridges the gap between state-of-the-art research and immense business value. Unite with 300+ peers & join the largest end-user-led summit showcasing cutting-edge industry applications,...

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Hybrid Apr 29 - May 03 Hosted by Sawtooth Software


A&I Summit

San Antonio, TX

The Analytics & Insights Summit brings together some of the most accomplished quantitative research and analytics professionals in the marketing sciences industry.

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In-Person Apr 30 - May 02 Hosted by Iterable

Creative, AI/ML

Activate Summit 2024

San Jose, CA

Collaboration and innovation are core tenets of marketing. By attending Activate, you get a firsthand look at how rapid advancements and adoption of AI in 2023 have shown marketers efficiency and...