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Jan 19 - Jan 19, 2022

Client-Centered Thinking


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Agency , Creative , Workflow
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Client-Centered Thinking

A hands-on, interactive workshop delivered by True & North, to put yourself in your client’s shoes, so you can show up with empathy and strategic rigor. By working on your client opportunities and collaborating with peers; you will plan, design, and safeguard your most important client conversations. You’ll leave with a set of intuitive, evidence-based tools that will allow you to helpfully guide and support your clients across the full buyer journey. These tools will act as a repeatable framework to engage every client with a balance of empathy, humility, and business rigor. During the session: - You will develop an Empathy Map to take a fresh look at your key clients and stakeholders - Use Anchor questions to set yourself up as a strategic partner and to express your value clearly and with humility - You will learn how to deeply explore your client’s problems, setting you up for a well-qualified engagement - You will learn to leverage value-selling and story, to position your offer memorably and strategically - You will use a Pre Mortem to uncover risks to project opportunities and learn how to safeguard against them