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Mar 09 - Mar 09, 2022

The Data Summit: The New Oil Of The Digital Age


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Analytics / Data , AI/ML
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The Data Summit: The New Oil Of The Digital Age

About the Data Summit

As enterprises realize that data is the new oil of the digital age, navigating their data journey becomes paramount. They’re gathering data across multiple sources, performing ETL, storing it in the cloud or in a hybrid model in a data lake/data warehouse, enriching the data with crowd-sourcing or synthetic sources, cleaning and normalizing the data; addressing concerns with customer data such as privacy, security, bias, labeling and preparing the data for downstream applications such as AI, ML, and performing analytics on top of it. That data journey can be complex and painful — and in many cases costly. We will learn about end-user case studies from various industry verticals such as healthcare, finance, retail, manufacturing, technology, security among others that deal with the data journey of various organizations.