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Mar 01 - Mar 03, 2022

2022 Distribution Conference for Financial Services


2022 Distribution Conference for Financial Services

Who Attends

Distribution professionals involved in channel growth, productivity, and reshaping distribution for success. Attendees include heads of distribution, sales, recruiting, compensation, distribution finance, training, marketing support, and product development. Enjoy the freedom to attend any of the breakout sessions across these key distribution channels ― agency building, brokerage, independent, multi-line, and direct-to-consumer.


Do you recognize the forces shaping insurance distribution?

Our traditional understanding of individual channels is changing, and hybrid, which really means “all of the above,” is the way forward. If our industry is to remain relevant, we need to combine a digital playbook with our decades of experience delivering financial security.

And what will recruitment look like after COVID? The pandemic has transformed recruiting. Permanently. There is more automation and reinvention in the recruiting processes ― particularly when it comes to interviews, assessments and candidate experience.

Another force to consider ― DE&I. As an industry, how do we develop a unified definition and understanding of diversity, belonging, and inclusion and a consensus on what meaningful action looks like?

And, just as COVID has forced insurers to adopt remote and digital ways of working, so it is undoubtedly set to drive a wider acceleration of technology adoption across the industry.

So what is the right strategy? If companies believe their roadmaps are directionally correct, it’s time to invest in the future ― in the digital capabilities, talent and other strategic resources needed for long-term success. Companies that invest now in their capabilities and strengthen the bond with their customers have the potential to emerge from the crisis ahead of their competitors.

This year’s conference will address how you can manage the transition in our industry and better prepare for the shape of things to come. Don’t miss this premier event for distribution professionals.