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Apr 05 - Apr 05, 2022

AdAge Next: Retail


AdAge Next: Retail

Two years ago, many of the trends dominating the retail industry were in very nascent stages—livestream shopping was just beginning, the checkout experience lacked innovation,  and few consumers had ever heard of the metaverse. The pandemic taught retailers to adapt or close; those that are still standing were able to improve their operations and marketing to better service today’s modern shoppers.

In 2022, many retailers are embracing new payment methods, virtual trends like NFTs and sustainable sourcing, even as they navigate an ever-changing landscape challenged with setbacks like the recent supply chain disruptions.

On April 5, brand leaders, retail experts and tech executives will discuss how stores are staying relevant with new technology designed to enhance shoppability and the e-commerce experience as well as fresh advertising that connects consumers with brands. They’ll talk about how their stores fared during the pandemic and offer a look at where they are placing their bets for the future.