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Drive Ranking in YMYL Categories by Mastering E.A.T. with Content and Links

EAT my links. Establish Expertise, Authority and Trust through masterful content-driven link building.

We all agree that E.A.T. is not a ranking factor or a single signal to get your site to rank in YMYL or any category. Grant Simmons, formerly VP Performance Marketing @ (grew organic traffic to over 10M monthly organic sessions), and Kevin Rowe, Founder and CEO of PureLinq, will share their experience in ranking in highly competitive markets and how they leveraged E.A.T. for their site entities to drive organic growth.

Register for this webinar and learn:

  • How Google (and we should) understand entities
  • 3 core principles of establishing an entity’s E.A.T
  • 3 steps to becoming an expert
  • Influencers are not experts, what’s the difference?
  • 3 steps to building authority
  • Trust: How to get it, hold onto it, and not blow it