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Jan 31, 2022

Adweek Creator Visionary Awards

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Adweek Creator Visionary Awards

Social Media Week, a property of Adweek, is proud to present the second annual edition of The Creator Visionary Awards. Over the years, social media has evolved beyond basic communication to become an all-encompassing necessity for creativity and progress. It’s how we remain connected during times of prolonged distance. Build movements. Educate. Shape and celebrate culture. The digital space is key in our growth as a society, and creators are essential in its progress. Without them, we remain absolutely stagnant. Creators come in many forms, from the everyday user that choreographs a new dance, to the social media brand marketers leading campaigns. Even the role of the influencer continues to evolve as some tend audiences as large as those of the A-list celebrities we’ve come to admire. Breathtaking levels of engagement within the most niche of communities can now have a global impact. The Creator Visionary Awards honor the remarkable individuals who have made an indelible mark on the world by unlocking the creative potential of the digital space, one post at a time. For 2022, we’re not only aiming to match the success of the past year, we want to build off of it. As we continue to grow this space, we want to celebrate those who not only actively move society forward in inventive ways, but do so while contributing to a more inclusive, socially conscious world. For the Creator Visionary Awards, Social Media Week aims to honor those who embrace diversity— especially in race, gender, orientation, class, and disability—as a cornerstone of our modern culture. The awards will celebrate not just the Creators themselves, but also the marketing professionals who play instrumental roles in support of the creative movement. Winners will be selected by an external jury of some of our most respected colleagues in the industry. The Adweek community will celebrate the honorees at Social Media Week North America in May 2022.