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Jan 26, 2022

Masterclass of Storytelling 2022

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Masterclass of Storytelling 2022

PM360 is introducing something new in 2022, “The Master Class of Storytelling.” While the art of storytelling has been around since as long as caveman could draw on walls, its place within life sciences marketing has only continued to evolve in both importance and medium. The concept of storytelling allows marketers to better humanize the life sciences through the perspectives of patients, providers, caregivers, and others who may have been impacted by a new treatment. It allows marketers to relay information in a way that will resonate more with an audience—using language and/or visuals that are easier for people to comprehend. It makes what can be overly scientific and dense information more accessible—to everyone’s benefit. Its power is undeniable and we want to show the industry who truly excels at storytelling.