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May 15 - May 18, 2022

Brand Inside Summit: CPG


Charleston, SC
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Brand Inside Summit: CPG

MediaPost's Brand Insider Summit engages the daunting challenges that CPG marketers face by sharing the innovative ways both legacy and emerging brands are innovating their way through the complexity. We focus on how brands are mapping the omnichannel consumer journey, building media and data plans to target them, and merging product development with marketing and messaging to stay relevant to demanding audiences. We will cover: - Media planning for omnichannel CPG shoppers - Building first party data troves - Marrying product development and marketing - Staying relevant by staying ahead of consumer tastes - Expanding your social footprints Capturing consumer attention, trust and loyalty has moved way beyond the retail endcap to a fragmented and cluttered omnichannel maze. No one has cracked the code or discovered the one true path, but at MediaPost's CPG Brand Insider Summit we give marketers the time and space to share their insights for building the next generation of CPG marketing.