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Jan 12 - Jan 12, 2022

Lunch With Danielle Williams


Scottsdale, AZ
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Women in Marketing
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Lunch With Danielle Williams

Join us for lunch with Danielle Williams. Former Broadcast Journalist of 20 years – Motivational Speaker – Creator/Host of the internet talk show Community Link AZ and Owner of DIVA STRONG MEDIA consulting. Life took a drastic unexpected turn on November 21, 2018, when Danielle was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer, and never smoked a day in her life. The cancer spread to her lower spine, pelvis and the top of her right shoulder. At the time of diagnosis, she was only 94 pounds. Facing the harsh reality that her broadcast journalism career was over, she focused on healing and was determined to get through stage four lung cancer as a non-smoker journey with a positive attitude and outlook. She told the doctor that she was going to “kill my cancer with kindness”.