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Sep 05, 2024

The Future 100 Club 2024

The Future 100 Club 2024

For the past three decades, The Media Leader has been the go-to hub for media leadership in the UK. Many of today's leaders have grown-up reading The Media Leader, immersing themselves in the insightful analysis, opinions, and forward-thinking pieces penned by our team of journalists, columnists, and industry insiders. Many of our contributors, both past and present, now hold key positions in some of the most influential organisations in our field.

This is why we proudly launched The Future 100 Club in 2022 – to connect with the upcoming wave of media trailblazers.

The Future 100 Club unites a diverse range of professionals from all corners of the media realm. Setting itself apart from other groups or lists of emerging talents, there are no age, industry tenure, or job title restrictions here.

Each inductee will be evaluated based on their demonstrated ability to embrace disruption, foster innovation, show courage, and strive for excellence. We will spotlight 100 individuals annually who are not part of the C-Suite, shedding light on how we can better support and educate this industry for future generations.