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Oct 11, 2024

Epica Awards

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Epica Awards
Epica Awards

Established in 1987, Epica Awards is unique as it is the only creative prize judged by the press.
Today the jury brings together more than 200 chief editors and senior reporters from trade, specialist and mainstream titles in over 60 countries. The awards are open to agencies, design studios, production houses, advertisers, digital marketers – in fact, talents from every corner of the communications business.

Over the years, work that has won its first award at Epica has gone on to reap prizes at other creative awards throughout the season, confirming that the Epica Awards is a barometer of industry trends.
At the Epica Awards, our mission is to act as the intersection between the worlds of creativity and journalism. We believe that this combination is the key to creating meaningful, impactful work that resonates with audiences around the world.

Not only will entering the Epica Awards give you access to our network of journalists and a chance to gain extensive PR coverage, but your work will also be judged by an independent and unbiased jury, whose members combine the objectivity of the public with the critical gaze of experts.