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Metadata & AI Summit

Machine learning and AI are advancing at a remarkable pace, surpassing traditional algorithms to unlock substantial value. The Metadata and AI Summit stands at the intersection, showcasing the latest technical innovations and tackling the sector's most pressing challenges. Our program is packed with topics such as navigating data complexity, elevating data quality throughout organizations, fine-tuning metadata management for ML, uncovering Generative AI trends, evaluating the future of open-source in AI, and championing data leadership. Crafted to explore the technical depths and the broader effects of AI regulation on enterprises and its progressive evolution, the Metadata and AI Summit is the ideal gathering for thought leaders and data practitioners.


Reflecting Acryl Data's commitment to refining data management and analytics for AI endeavors, the summit promises engaging discussions on making enterprise data AI-ready, revealing AI initiatives slated for 2025, and unveiling new strategies to simplify data complexity. Additionally, we'll dive into methods to boost data quality across firms, the criticality of metadata management in ML, and open-source's role in AI development. Expect to see Keynotes covering current trends, and what lies ahead, complemented by panels and workshops led by leaders in the field.

Sample topics covered:

  • Uncovering Generative AI trends
  • AI Governance
  • Elevating Data Quality Throughout Organizations
  • Metadata Management in ML
  • Simplifying Data Complexity
  • Future of Open-source in AI
  • AI Regulation in the Enterprise
  • Real Time Data Processing for ML
  • Data Management and Analytics Trends
  • How to Build, Deploy, and Scale ML Models
  • and many more! 

We are looking for presentations that provide deep technical insights, practical solutions, and innovative approaches to these critical areas. Whether you have groundbreaking research, real-world case studies, or innovative methodologies to share, we want to hear from you.