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Sep 16 - Jun 19, 2024

Planning & Buying Insider Summit


Austin, TX
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Brand Marketing , Social Media , Media Planning , CX - Customer Experience , AI/ML
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Planning & Buying Insider Summit

Got Your Attention?: Media Mapping the Distracted Consumer

"Media Fragmentation" is so 2017. It is the disintegration of consumer attention across so many platforms, experiences and media that has become the central challenge of any brand trying to move hearts, minds and behaviors.

At MediaPost's inaugural Planning & Buying Insider Summit we pay attention to attention - how it informs omnichannel media planning, how it gets measured, and how a range of emerging media are capturing the consumer gaze in new and deeper ways.

Converting attention to real brand engagement and actions is job one, but are we now able to bridge the brand/performance chasm better? What are the currencies around attention, and how do time, media experience and mood complicate the math? And how do emerging media experiences like metaverse gaming, TikTok, Digital Out of Home, and the new creator mediaverse offer new modes of attention?

Oh, and of course, is AI going to solve for all of this while remaining transparent?

We will Explore:

  • Branding vs. Performance in an Attention Deficit Economy
  • Measuring the Many 'Attention' States
  • AI and the Transparency Challenge
  • Creators and the Next New Media
  • Traveling the Metaverse
  • Brand Discovery and Building in TikTok

Do we have your attention now?

At MediaPost's Planning & Buying Insider Summit we explore planning against the distraction economy... and being there is the only way to give your undivided attention.