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Aug 18 - Aug 21, 2024

Brand Insider Retail


Lake Tahoe, CA
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Brand Insider Retail

Refreshing the Retailer's Omnichannel Playbook

Retailers need to be purpose-driven, culturally relevant, and value-minded to stand out in this changing economy. Consumers are becoming more and more price conscious, and new tools and technology are hitting the market every day. It’s harder than ever for marketers to engage with our customers and prioritize all the things we “should” be doing.

Where are retailers establishing multiple touchpoints in the consumer journey to efficiently target their consumers? Is AI helping reduce costs while further personalizing the experience for consumers? With the deprecation of cookies, are loyalty programs the solution for gathering first-party data? Are social media platforms going to be one of the star channels for retailers to drive commerce?

This summer’s Retail Insider Summit will explore how to break down silos and have all of these channels talking to each other in order to reduce spend and increase engagement and ultimately sales.