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Jul 22 - Jul 25, 2024

Brand Insider Summit Pharma & Health


Skytop, PA
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Healthcare / Pharma
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Brand Insider Summit Pharma & Health

Marketing For the Future Patient Experience

It’s the classic tale of keeping up with the Joneses. Healthcare and pharma brands have been playing catch up with CPG, retail and hospitality thanks to stricter regulations and outdated technology. We don’t get a break from consumers, though. Their expectations are higher than ever to control their own medical decisions with personalized, relevant information and the latest digital tools. And let’s not forget the same rising expectations with HCPs.

This summer’s Pharma and Healthcare Insider Summit will take a deep dive into adapting your marketing and digital strategies for this evolving patient experience. Join us for a three-day retreat where the best marketers in the industry come together for real, in-depth conversations, about:

  • Unlocking digital tools and technology
  • Authentic celebrity and social influencers
  • Personalization and marketing automation
  • Market access and HCP marketing
  • Creating a sustainable content strategy
  • Change management for internal stakeholders