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Jun 25 - Jun 25, 2024

Preparing for Google’s 2024 Privacy Changes


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Insights Development , Privacy
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Preparing for Google’s 2024 Privacy Changes

Google’s upcoming privacy changes will have a massive impact on the marketing measurement landscape – and they’ve already started. Traditional forms of measurement will no longer be viable as privacy-driven data loss continues to diminish accuracy, coverage and reliability. Learn how to prepare and adjust your brand’s marketing measurement due to Google’s 2024 privacy changes before it’s too late!

OptiMine will dive into the specifics of Google’s privacy changes and how they will impact the marketing and measurement world.

You will learn:

  • What’s already changed so far this year
  • How to prepare for Google’s remaining privacy changes happening in Q4 of 2024
  • The impact Google’s cookie shutdown will have on marketers
  • Where changes will be felt the strongest and how they will reshape today’s approaches to measurement
  • Specific steps brands need to take right now to prepare
  • How to move towards privacy-safe marketing measurement methods