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Jan 11 - Jan 11, 2022

Best of CES


New York, NY
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Technology , AdTech/MarTech , Media Marketing
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The Paley Center For Media
Best of CES

Now more than ever, technology sits at the center of human experience, shaping how we work, play, interact, and envision the future. CES continues to pave the way by bringing the latest breakthrough technologies and most important global innovators to its Las Vegas stage. Here in New York, Paley is proud to convene its annual panel of leading technology experts to discuss the latest trends and showcase the most compelling products coming out of CES 2022. What are the most surprising and pivotal ways technology is transforming the media landscape? What new devices are on the horizon, and how will they shape the content we create? Our panel of forecasters and technology watchers will be followed by exciting virtual demonstrations of some of the coolest gadgets and innovations that you won’t want to miss!