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May 14 - May 14, 2024

Attention 2024


New York, NY
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Creative , CTV , Media Measurement , Analytics / Data
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Attention 2024

Understanding the nuances of attention can significantly enhance the impact of advertising efforts. Attention metrics have transitioned from experimental stages to practical, market-wide adoption. In 2022 the ARF launched the Attention Measurement Validation Initiative with the goal of better understanding the landscape of attention in advertising, analyzing attention definitions, metric tools, their validity, reproducibility, and right application across different contexts, from advertising creative to the media environment.

Today, methods such as eye tracking, neuro, and advanced synthetic models leveraging AI are at the forefront of measuring attention. However, the use of attention metrics remains contentious. Opinions diverge on their readiness and reliability, drawing parallels to the early skepticism surrounding viewability metrics.

At the ATTENTION 2024 event on May 14 in New York City, you will learn about:

      • • Your peers’ perspectives about the role of attention in advertising in light of recent discoveries.
      • • ARF’s Cognition Council’s guide to attention, emotion, persuasion, and memory in advertising 
      • • Attention measurement researchers’ recent developments in their techniques and technologies.
      • • The debate about refining attention measurement and the significance of attention in gauging advertising effectiveness.
    • • ARF findings from Phase II of the Attention Measurement Validation Initiative