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Aug 02, 2024

w3 Awards

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w3 Awards

Dear w3 Awards Community,

I’m so thrilled to kick off the 19th Season of the w3 Awards, which honor and celebrate the most innovative work created by our community day after day. It continues to be my great privilege to get a front-row seat to the best in digital creativity, which seems to get better and better with each season. In order to make room for the ever-evolving nature of this space, I’ve made some updates to our program this season: 

  • Expanded Social, Emerging Tech, and Video categories, based on continued advancements in how these mediums are used and the role they play in our daily lives.

  • A new cohort of Jurors who more accurately reflect the diversity and expertise of the work submitted by our Entrants each year. This will include luminaries Walt Disney Studios, Groove Jones, PepsiCo, McCann Health NY, Netflix, IBM, Deloitte Digital, LG, WONGDOODY and more.

  • A robust calendar of engaging content showcasing past w3 winners and a series of interviews introducing our esteemed AIVA Panel Of Jurors.