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Nov 07 - Nov 08, 2022

Gartner Data & Analytics Summit


Sydney, Australia
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Technology , Analytics / Data
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Gartner Data & Analytics Summit

Develop a resilient data and analytics strategy for an AI-ready, data-centric organization The virtual Gartner Data & Analytics Summit, 8 - 9 June, 2021, offered content for every member of the data and analytics team — from technical- to senior-level strategy. Data and analytics leaders gained the skills to build and execute a world-class strategy. At the conference, the top 5 sessions that data & analytics leaders attended included: 1. The Foundation of a Modern Data and Analytics Strategy 2. Data Lakes, Data Warehouses and Data Hubs Aren't the Same: Know Their Capabilities and Purpose 3. Data Storytelling: A Better Way to Engage Decision Makers With Data 4. How to Create Metrics That Matter 5. How to Build and Support the Business-Driven Analytics Architecture We hope you enjoyed the virtual 2021 Gartner Data & Analytics Summit! If you missed it, be sure to explore what was covered at the conference. Business Strategy Learn how to build a data and analytics strategy that enables digital acceleration and agility while driving significant business value. Technology Take a deep dive into the data and analytics trends and tools that will change your organization, compare technology providers and separate hype from reality. Leadership Develop the leadership skills to bridge the gap between business and IT, drive innovation, make data and analytics central to your culture and build a resilient, adaptable and data literate organization.