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Aug 07, 2024

Summit Marketing Effectiveness Award

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Summit International Awards
Summit Marketing Effectiveness Award

Recognizing Those Hitting the Mark
The Summit Marketing Effectiveness Award recognizes and rewards companies for innovative and leading-edge creative work that uses strategy and results-based effectiveness to create solutions in today’s marketplace.

Measure what Works
Advertising and marketing communication professionals know that things outside their control impact sales and other measures. Pricing, product quality, selection, competition, distribution, and geopolitical and macroeconomic issues all influence sales and results. The Summit Awards believes heavy reliance on such data inaccurately reflects effective marketing and creativity.

Easy, Accessible Smart Investment of Promotional Dollars
The Summit Awards removes many of the barriers to effectiveness competitions. Whether a one-person firm, in-house marketing department, or large firm, all marketers should have the opportunity to have their efforts evaluated in an effectiveness competition that is uncomplicated, reasonably priced, and has spot-on evaluative criteria. The Summit MEA bases the judging criteria on the true purpose of advertising and marketing: to change, influence, or reinforce the consumer’s knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs.