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May 08 - May 09, 2024

Comet's Annual Convergence Conference


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Technology , Analytics / Data , AdTech/MarTech , AI/ML
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Comet's Annual Convergence Conference

As machine learning evolves, it goes beyond just algorithms generating value; it’s about pioneering uncharted territories of AI. This year’s event dives into the latest breakthroughs and challenges in the field. We will explore the intricate art of building scalable ML platforms, go into the governance of AI, and examine the latest advancements in Large Language Models, Federated ML and Vision Transformers. Our sessions are designed to not only address the technical intricacies but also to explore the broader implications of AI regulation for enterprises and the evolving landscape of AI. This event represents a convergence of thought leaders and innovative data practitioners, all dedicated to charting the course for a more reliable, ethical, and transformative future in machine learning.