In the face of constantly changing technology and market dynamics, buying and owning processes increase in complexity. Every point in the life cycle from first engagement through decision, implementation, customer satisfaction and retention presents executives with big challenges to business growth. Achieving this revenue growth requires a relentless focus to put customers at the center of the business. 

At Gartner Tech Growth & Innovation Conference 2022,  July 12 – 13, Americas, Virtual, attendees will receive a uniquely informed update on driving tech growth fuelled by a customer-centric approach.

We will cover new trends, approaches, and innovative technologies needed to optimize sales and marketing efforts, and drive product innovation for business growth and market expansion.

Topics will include:

  • Building and leading a proactive organization amid a dynamic and challenging market
  • Implementing strategies to anticipate disruption from emerging technologies and market forces.
  • Connecting with audiences to drive successful buying experiences.
  • Achieving cross-functional alignment to improve the customer’s product and service experience.
  • Developing strategies in startup organizations to win and retain customers and talent.
  • Improving your product, marketing, buying experience, and organization with innovative technologies and trends.
  • Engaging influencers and partners to inform business decisions.

At Tech Growth 2022, Gartner will unveil new research trends! Be the first to gain strategic insights from Gartner experts that will accelerate your organization’s growth trajectory and innovation