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Feb 22 - Feb 22, 2024

TVOT CONNECT - Women with Opinions!


TVOT CONNECT - Women with Opinions!

Thursday’s get-together will feature a panel of 5 influential female executives, sharing their opinions on the latest developments in the advanced-TV industry:

  • Carmela Fournier, VP/GM of Data, Comcast Advertising
  • Holly Leff-Pressman, Chief Client Engagement Officer, Screen Engine
  • Kaitie Coghlan, SVP of Data Product and Partnerships, NBCUniversal
  • Marcy Pentoney, SVP of Product, Cadent
  • Mari Tangredi, Cadent, SVP of Partnerships, Cadent

The discussion will be hosted by Colin Dixon, Chief Analyst of nScreenMedia, and Tracy Swedlow, Editor-in-Chief of ITVT and Co-Producer of TVOT.