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Apr 18 - Apr 18, 2024

Shopper 2024


Chicago, IL
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Brand Marketing , CTV , Digital , Influencer Marketing , Insights Development , Privacy , Retail , Analytics / Data , CX - Customer Experience , AI/ML
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Shopper 2024


As the advertising industry evolves, brands are leveraging a proliferation of digital platforms and marketing solutions in the quest for consumer loyalty and ROI. Yet these solutions are also fraught with snares. At SHOPPER 2024 practitioners and academics will share research-based insights on retail media networks (RMN), AI, influencer marketing and live shopping.

Access to first-party insights is becoming more important for brands. Advertisers are flocking to retailers that offer advertising services because they often sell the products that are being advertised, making it easier to prove that an ad actually led to a sale. Yet questions still remain: Can retailers decouple their first-party data, allowing information to be used for a wider array of applications? What are best practices for bringing marketing mix analysis to a RMN level? How are advertisers intertwining Connected TV (CTV) with RMN to create unified campaigns on an increased scale?

Advances in AI are changing the way brands gather and activate consumer insights. It is now de rigueur for advertisers to use AI to create a holistic view of each customer, make personalized recommendations for products and services and provide targeted offers. Yet AI’s capacity to analyze data and make complex analyses amplifies privacy concerns. The technology’s potential to infer sensitive information, such as a person’s location, preferences, and habits, poses risks of unauthorized data dissemination. How are advertisers avoiding privacy pitfalls?

As more consumers turn to influencer product recommendations and social content, live shopping may particularly appeal to Gen Z and millennial shoppers. How are brands incorporating influencers and live shopping into their brand strategies? How are they tracking success?

Join the ARF and MSI on April 18 at World of Whirlpool in Chicago to learn about:

  • How RMN measurement is evolving to drive sustainable growth.
  • The expansion of AI and protecting against privacy pitfalls.
  • How advertisers are incorporating influencers and content creators into their brand strategies.
  • Whether live shopping is shaping the future of retail.
  • Predictions for the shopper landscape in 2024 and beyond.