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Jan 23 - Jan 23, 2024

Supercharge 2024 Growth: Rethinking account growth to outperform the market


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Supercharge 2024 Growth: Rethinking account growth to outperform the market

In 2024, the quest for growth calls for a fresh perspective. Enter the Momentum ITSMA Marketing Framework for Enterprise Accounts – a groundbreaking model designed to help you successfully navigate today’s complex market dynamics. In the third installment of our webinar series – Supercharge 2024 Growth – we go beyond mere problem solving to redefine your approach to the growth challenge: · Find out how to align resource allocation with strategic growth imperatives, for maximum impact on valuable accounts · Uncover expert knowledge distilled from comprehensive benchmark data and best practices to supercharge your ABM programs · Discover actionable strategies that empower you to shape the market by fostering innovation, leveraging established offerings, and adopting a robust go-to-market model · Understand why a mature approach to ABM is essential to redefine the role of marketing in driving corporate growth · Explore the need for a new, account-based GTM model, building a sustainable program that enhances reputation, relationships, and revenue In a shifting landscape, it’s time to confront challenges head on and embrace new strategies for success: · We'll address the inconsistency in ABM program results, particularly when scaling beyond key accounts and integrating with wider marketing efforts proves tricky · We'll unpack the complexities of balancing performance and ROI in growth programs, highlighting the need for a nuanced approach marketing leadership · We’ll delve into mastering the art of ruthless prioritization and effective resource allocation, in a competitive environment where agility and strategic focus are a must We look forward to seeing you there!