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Apr 19, 2024

Collision Awards

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Collision Awards
Collision Awards

The Collision Awards is the first global and holistic platform solely dedicated to honoring excellence in Animation and Motion Design in all its forms.

Launching in partnership with various industry leaders, our mission is to establish a holistic platform that celebrates the unique and incomparable creativity and technical talent in Animation and Motion Design across Marketing & Communications, Commercials, Television, Film, Experiential, and Games & XR.

We recognize how an entire industry and community can benefit when the best work and talent is credibly recognized by its community and beyond.

Knowing how often talent working behind the scenes goes unrecognized, we are making fair crediting a priority as well as supporting and elevating the fluid movement of animation and motion design talent across fields. The Collision Awards will unite and celebrate a community of unsung heroes whose time in the spotlight is long overdue. Whether you created an animated explainer video, an indie game or short form film, your work has a place here.