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Aug 21 - Aug 24, 2024

Data & Programmatic Insider Summit


Lake Tahoe, CA
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Programmatic , Analytics / Data
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Data & Programmatic Insider Summit

Testing the Signals: Mapping Ad Data’s Future

The long anticipated, endlessly delayed “death of the cookie” has flooded the market with alternative data sets, IDs, and promises around solving for inevitable data deprecation. Data deprecation is real, and marketers are looking for scalable post-cookie access to consumers. Gaming, clean rooms, retail media networks, the return of contextual advertising - all are on the table and up for discussion. That is what the annual Tahoe gathering of data driven media mavens will engage in. Are the massively popular RMNs providing even better access and data than previous go-to channels? Can contextual ad models match the efficiencies and flexibilities of audience -based models? Are clean rooms scalable? Can the enormous gaming channel be tapped programmatically? And how is AI being implemented here and now to help the planning and buying process overcome the post-cookie conundrum?

We will explore:
  • RMNs as the new pillar of strategy
  • Clean rooms at scale?
  • Contextual 2.0?
  • Can programmatic and gaming mix?
  • Real world AI for media
  • Filtering fraud
At this year's Data and Programmatic Insider Summit we look past the cookie towards new ways of leveraging data in the digital mediaverse.