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Jun 05 - Jun 06, 2024

2024 CRIC Conference


Toronto, Ontario
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Insights Development , Market Research , Analytics / Data , CX - Customer Experience , AI/ML
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2024 CRIC Conference

Beyond Data: The *Human Edge in AI-Driven Market Research – Crafting Insights, Shaping Strategies
  • AI & Insights – How have advancements in generative AI, machine learning, and conversational AI enhanced how we collect and share insights.  What are possibilities for the future?
  • Data Quality – What are the challenges to data quality and how are we managing them to ensure the highest quality data in both quantitative and qualitative research?
  • Innovations in Qualitative – What are the implications of AI for qualitative research?
  • ResTech – What are the breakthroughs in technology platforms that every insights professional should be aware of?
  • Behavioural Insights – How do we ensure insights go beyond the rational to predict behaviour?
  • UX and CX – How do insights enhance the user experience and amplify the voice of the customer?
  • ROI (Return on Insights) – What are the best practices for demonstrating the value of investing in insights?
  • Privacy and Ethics – How are we continuing to uphold the highest standards of privacy and ethics in the era of AI?