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Feb 01 - Feb 01, 2024

Semiotics and Cultural Insights Conference 2024


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Brand Marketing , Insights Development , AI/ML
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Semiotics and Cultural Insights Conference 2024

Unlocking Significance & Decoding Cultures

Join the MRS for a day of case studies from around the world, demonstrating how semiotics and cultural research are solving multiple branding and communication challenges. Hear how brand leaders are engaging new audiences by recoding messaging into modern, nuanced narratives. Examine the impact AI will have on visual culture and the implications for semiotics and cultural analysis.

Hear real world case studies from:

NewsCorp * Panasonic EU * Baileys * LEGO *Shiseido * GambleAware

  • Examine tools and methodologies for developing culturally relevant branding and communications
  • Discuss the intersection of AI and semiotics: examining tensions, opportunities and challenges
  • Evaluate new cultural foresight methods fit for a dynamic and uncertain world
  • Navigate the complexities of international campaigns and developing culturally rooted, localised approaches