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Feb 23, 2024

DCS Awards 2024

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DCS Awards 2024

The DCS Awards 2024 will, once again, celebrate the data centre industry's impressive achievements, recognising customer success stories, technology innovation and both individual and company contributions to the sector. Despite (or because of) key challenges such as sustainability, an impending skills shortage, supply chain disruption and the looming opportunity/threat of AI, the data centre industry continues to provide and develop further the extraordinarily reliable infrastructure technology platform on which today's digital world relies.

We've made a few changes to the awards categories to reflect some of these industry changes and challenges (with particular reference to the current major ESG focus, as well as by introducing an overdue Hall of Fame, which recognises companies who continue to lead and shape the critical digital infrastructure sector. We've also introduced a new group of awards to recognise and celebrate excellence within colocation services), but what we haven't changed is the successful formula that sees several hundred nominations, which are then turned into a short list for voting, and culminate in a great evening in London, where the winners are acclaimed and the industry gets together for a great night of eating, drinking, comedy and celebrating.

So, it's time to plan your nominations

As ever, we're looking to recognise and congratulate data centre industry innovation - whether it be projects, products, services or corporate or individual excellence. The Awards' categories cover both the facilities and IT aspects of the data centre, reflecting the gradual convergence of the two disciplines as a prerequisite for digital transformation. The achievements of vendors, their business partners, staff and customers are the focus of the 39 Awards categories.