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Feb 27 - Feb 28, 2024

Generative AI For Marketing Summit


London, UK
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Content Marketing , Creative , Technology , CX - Customer Experience , AdTech/MarTech , AI/ML
Host User
IQPC & AI Data + Analytics Network
Generative AI For Marketing Summit

The first event for strategic marketing leaders to come together and explore the transformative technology

Generative AI is driving unprecedented levels of excitement and concern for marketers and creatives, with the potential to completely upend and transform marketing workflows.

    • Finding the right use cases, framework and team to get you started on your Generative AI journey
    • Stitching together tools and models to transform your workflows and maximise value
    • Augmenting creativity for content creation and unlocking new levels of insights for Hyper-personalised content generation
    • Developing a framework for Responsible AI and navigating IP, Copyright and Ethical Concerns
    • Rethinking Human-Bot interactions: The future of generative agents and avatars
    • Reflecting brand identity using AI to ensure a consistent and compelling brand presence across all customer touchpoints