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Jan 21 - Jan 21, 2024

World Logic Day


Austin, TX
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Influencer Marketing , Insights Development , Healthcare / Pharma , AI/ML
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World Logic Day

Why creating a World Logic Day? Human beings are classically considered as "Logical Animals" (Latinized as "Rational Animals"). Logic, as reasoning, is a central feature of human beings. It is not very difficult to see what can be promoted on January 14, considered as the World Logic Day: rationality, understanding and intelligence.

The beginning of the year is symbolically good: it is fine to start the new year with a logical perspective. According to the Julian calendar (calendar promoted by Julius Cæsar, in use from 45 B.C. to 1582 A.D., still in use in some locations), January 14 is indeed New Year’s Day. To unify all logicians in one day at the beginning of every year is a good way to boost logic.

The basic idea of a World Logic Day and other related projects such as the Logic Prizes Contest, an Encyclopædia of Logic, Word Logic Conferences, is to put logic in its right place, i.e the first place.