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Jan 31, 2024

Ad Age Tech Power List

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Ad Age
Ad Age Tech Power List

Ad Age is looking for the top digital innovators from ad agencies, brands, platforms, ad tech companies and tech startups for the 2024 Ad Age Tech Power List. The Ad Age Tech Power List is for marketers who have command of the most-cutting edge, next-generation technology being used to reach new customers and grow business.

Honoring individuals driving innovation in the digital marketing and advertising landscape, the list will include AI pioneers; trailblazers unlocking customer loyalty in the worlds of digital collectibles and Web3; those leading the way in how brands reach people through connected TV, retail media networks and mobile video; and more. Beyond vision, the honorees will be known for turning their creative concepts into practical, real-world achievements. They are not content with dreaming; they are adept at converting ideas into tangible, transformative solutions that enhance customer experiences, improve brand engagement and drive business success.

The Tech Power List represents an inclusive cross-section of the industry, celebrating leaders from various backgrounds and sectors. Whether they hail from established media conglomerates or dynamic digital startups, whether they specialize in content creation or data analytics, the award program will highlight a diverse array of innovators.