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Mar 27 - Mar 28, 2024

4A’s Advancing Talent 2024


New York, NY
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Agency , Brand Marketing , Workflow , AI/ML
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4A’s Advancing Talent 2024

Breaking Barriers: The Talent Transformation 

Uncover Ways to Tap Into Your Most Important Resource–the Human Potential

Calling agency and brand leaders, managers, mentors, team builders, talent specialists, HR decision-makers, growth strategists and people developers: join us at Advancing Talent, a virtual event where we will unlock the key to exceptional work.

Bring your questions, curiosity and skepticism. Leave with ideas, possibilities and new connections.

  • Explore ways to tap into the full spectrum of creativity, knowledge and experience your teams bring to the table.
  • Examine strategies to make our workplaces and our industry more inclusive of ideas, abilities and cultural contexts and more representative of the clients and audiences we serve.
  • Connect with inspiring thought-leaders who experiment with bold ideas, deviate from the conventional and demonstrate the value of breaking barriers to transform talent.

Topics Include

  • The Opportunity: Advancing Talent
    Investing in talent is crucial to stay ahead in today’s competitive talent landscape.
  • The Boomerang: Does it Take a Building to Build People?
    Is it possible to reach a compromise between organizations and employees regarding returning to work?
  • Employing Empathy: Leading Through Crisis
    In times of crisis, the delineation between our personal world and work is becoming increasingly faint. How do leaders employ empathy and sensitivity to fortify employee engagement during crisis?
  • “Mental Health” Matters
    This candid conversation with agency leaders will explore how organizations are addressing the mental health needs of their teams in increasingly polarized times.
  • The Asset of Accessibility
    Understanding accessibility and neurodiversity engages your workforce, supports employees with disabilities, and can enhance your business operations and work productivity. Do you have the necessary tools and knowledge to accommodate and encourage accessibility across your organization?
  • Have We Hired AI?
    Can AI-powered hiring decisions eventually replace traditional interviewing and selection processes? Does AI have a potential for bias? Where should we draw the line when it comes to the use of AI in hiring?
  • Perception Versus Reality: Surprising Commonalities Between Generations in the Workplace
    Organizations that recognize and embrace generational differences and the unique strengths each generation offers create opportunities for all talent to thrive. This session will delve into workplace ageism impacting both older generations as well as Gen Z employees and the learning opportunities that can be leveraged in bringing them together.
  • The Insistence of DEIB
    We’ll explore the ongoing challenges to DEIB progress, and highlight some of the solutions implemented by agencies to help prioritize, drive, and sustain DEIB as a business imperative.