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Mar 20 - Mar 21, 2024

Modern Data Management


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Insights Development , Technology , Research , Market Research , Analytics / Data , AI/ML
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Modern Data Management

TDWI’s complimentary Virtual Summit this March will prepare data leaders to tap into new data formats and paradigms that enable new AI and machine learning solutions and enrich existing BI and analytics.

At the March Virtual Summit, our speakers will brief you on the expanding forms of data diversity, the platforms and processes that power them, and proven practices to put them into action. TDWI research directors will give you a clear view of important trends and developments, backed by in-depth quantitative research. Expert speakers will help you understand new data and process paradigms and give you the tools to match them to your business objectives, and case study speakers will share their own journeys with you.

Topics will include:

  • Industry trends and best practices for new forms of data, such as text, image, and machine data, supported by quantitative research and analysis
  • Strategies for powering machine learning and AI with data resources that include unstructured data, synthetic data, and vector data for deep learning
  • Technologies for data pipelines and management that enable agile delivery, reuse, and sustainability, including real-time processing, streaming, and edge computing
  • Real-world use cases that incorporate new forms of data, management platforms, latency profiles, and transport mechanisms
  • Organizational impacts on your data management and analytics programs and staff