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Dec 13 - Dec 13, 2023

Making the Right Impression


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Making the Right Impression

Join us on December 13 for an exploration into the ever-evolving landscape of TV metrics. As individual commercial metrics become available for linear TV, in addition to the existing C3 and C7 metrics, there are various options that can be considered for defining commercial impressions with the more granular sub-minute data that is now available. Hear how compared with panel-only results, combined panel and big data results significantly reduce the incidence of zero-rated audiences and show slight increases in overall viewing levels.

Topics of discussion will include:

  • Nielsen’s schedule for releasing sub-minute panel and big data measurement including the addition of Comcast data.
  • Overall impact on audiences of the big data.
  • The impact of alternative qualifiers on impression levels.
  • Differences in impressions by pod position.
  • Implications of the above for advertisers, agencies and sellers.