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Dec 14 - Nov 14, 2023

Identity 2024


Identity 2024

ID5 is pleased to announce that its virtual event is back and registrations for Identity 2024 are now open.

With the countdown to the demise of third-party cookies well and truly underway, 2024 looks set to be a pivotal year for the digital advertising industry. Google will be switching off third-party cookies for 1% of its users in Q1 2024, followed by a broader phase-out for all Chrome users by Q3 2024.

For this reason, we’ll be looking ahead to the challenges facing advertisers, platforms and publishers alike in our flagship event Identity 2024. Taking place on Thursday 14 December at 3 pm GMT / 4 pm CET / 10 am EST, we aim to provide fresh perspectives and information on the industry’s readiness for the third-party cookie’s demise. We will also examine other channels, such as CTV, to help you best structure an all-rounded, omnichannel identity strategy.