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Nov 26 - Nov 28, 2023

Agile.SDV Europe


Berlin, Germany
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Digital , Technology , Analytics / Data , AI/ML
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Agile.SDV Europe

Agility in the Era of Software-Defined Vehicles I Methods, Tools, Frameworks, Organisational Culture, Collaborations & Strategies
Staying competitive and quickly being able to bring new products to the market are key in the automotive world. The industry is undergoing a transformation; from traditional development methods and structures to more adaptable structures to meet the growing demand of software-driven features in the era of the Software-Defined Vehicle. Being able to adapt quickly and still comply with industry standards (SPICE, ISO26262) and requirements (cybersecurity and more) is key.
Agile.SDV Europe focuses on agility in the automotive industry; how to apply agile methods, principles and develop agile orfganizational structures to speed up product developments as well as launches, so the industry can reduce development times, costs and thus stay competitive and meet customers’ needs as well as requirements.