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Oct 18 - Oct 19, 2024

AI Sports


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AI Sports

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Friday, Oct. 18th - Saturday, Oct. 19th, 2024, A Virtual Conference

AI & Sports Innovation: Enabling Peak Performance

"The AI Sports & the Athlete Summit

Friday, Oct. 18th - Saturday, Oct. 19th, 2024

12 Noon: Eastern Time Zone

Opening Keynote One-on-One

The AI Revolution and the 21st Century Athlete

From that first day, in the 1980s, when Bill James presented his vision of “Moneyball” to the world, the idea of “Sports Analytics” was born. They called it Sabermetrics in those days and that opened the door to Fantasy Baseball and Football. Then around that time, the LA Dodgers team doctor fixed up Tommy John’s elbow and they called it Tommy John Surgery. Technology was quickly invading the world of Sports. Sports teams developed “Video Analytics Departments” to study every nuance of “Sport.” And now, Artificial Intelligence is being applied to and intensifying every aspect of the game, from Sports Performance to Sports Medicine to Sports Media and finally to the Smartphone, Xbox, TV or ChatAI that we engage daily. We are all participants in the age of “The 21st Century Athlete.”