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Nov 01 - Nov 01, 2024

MMA Impact Indonesia: The Future Of Modern Marketing


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Brand Marketing , Insights Development , Retail , Technology
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MMA Impact Indonesia: The Future Of Modern Marketing

MMA Impact Indonesia 2024, is an annual forum hosted by MMA Global Indonesia. It is a visionary exploration of the future of modern marketing with a focus on providing strategic direction in the face of change, leveraging the power of analytics and embracing digital technologies with a focus on the Indonesian ecosystem, the sessions are meticulously designed to cater to the needs of industry leaders such as President Directors, C-level Executives, Managing Directors, Founders, Co-Founders, Head of Departments, influential organisational leaders and key decision makers. The event goes beyond examining current practices and delves into forward-looking strategies for engaging the industry leaders with the latest marketing and advertising approaches, especially, as we move into 2025.

MMA Impact Indonesia 2024 also serves as a platform for delegates to participate in thought leadership discussions, to network extensively for business opportunities, to be more aware of the positioning of their organizations among other businesses and most importantly, to be assured that they are ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving and ever-competitive industry.

This is especially important for the Indonesian ecosystem. The remarkable advancement of the country’s digital infrastructure has been nothing short of extraordinary. According to Statista, the user base in Indonesia is projected to reach 247.20 million users in the digital landscape by 2027.  Marketers and advertisers also ought to closely monitor Indonesia’s ecommerce ecosystem as it is expected to spearhead the upward growth trajectory of Southeast Asia. A report by Insider Intelligence projected a 20% increase in retail ecommerce sales. This stands in contrast to the estimated 8.9% worldwide ecommerce growth. 


Another major aspect of the event will examine the power of AI as it is paramount to drive economic growth and enhance marketing operations. Despite being in its early stage, AI is rapidly advancing in Indonesia. According to a study by Kearney and EDBI, Indonesia's Gross Domestic Product could witness a substantial US$366 billion within the upcoming decade. 


The forum also directs attention towards the emerging domain of retail media. This sector is on the cusp of increased competition as more brands are adopting it as a strategic means of captivating consumer attention. A survey conducted by Carousell Media Group paints a compelling picture as 99% of marketers in Asia plan to amplify their investment in retail media in the coming year.  


One of the most anticipated features of the MMA Impact Indonesia 2024 is the release of the Modern Marketing Reckoner Report 2024 which transcends traditional marketing playbooks. Packed with cutting-edge insights and a fresh outlook for the year ahead - 2025, this report offers unparalleled value to marketers and advertising leaders in this fast-paced landscape. It includes innovative approaches for boldly navigating new frontiers such as Generative AI, Machine Learning, Big Data, Privacy, the expansive Omni-Commerce landscape, incorporating Cross-Media Strategies, Ad Tech / Mar-Tech, Influencer Marketing and delivering a comprehensive overview of ROI & ROAS.  


The MMA Impact Indonesia 2024 will equip leaders and delegates with the insights and tools to gain a cutting-edge over competitors and excel in this dynamic era.  

The forum will be held on 1st of November 2024 at The Ritz Carlton, Mega Kuningan  Jakarta from 08.00 AM to 05.30 PM.