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Nov 14 - Nov 14, 2023

Get A Spine


Free Event 
Media Measurement , Analytics / Data , CX - Customer Experience , Audience Measurement , Identity
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Get A Spine


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It’s Time to Get a Spine! 

And before you get mad – we mean an identity spine.

The way identity is currently handled by the vast majority of advertisers puts the power in the hands of third-party providers. It’s time for the advertiser to take back control. Learn how this approach drives a deeper understanding of customers, better measurement across partners, improved campaign ROI, and helps advertisers become data agnostic.

They’ll talk through practical how-tos on:

  • creating advertiser-owned identity spines
  • the value of persistent IDs
  • improved identity match rates
  • eliminating data silos with ease
  • reducing dependency on specific third party data providers