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Aug 16 - Aug 18, 2024

2024 AMA Summer Academic Conference


Boston, MA
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Insights Development , Technology , Market Research , Audience Measurement
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2024 AMA Summer Academic Conference

Reconnecting With Humanity: Marketing’s Role in Promoting Responsible Technology While Serving People

Given the polycrisis that the world faces and newly emerging challenges, it is incumbent upon marketing academics and practitioners to continue guiding individuals, businesses and societies around the world to better prepare for an uncertain future driven by accelerated advances in different forms of technology. The influence of technology-powered marketing and its intersection with the global economy, geopolitics, socio-cultural issues and human behavior warrant exploration into transformative research that has potential for implementation in responsible business practices.

Mark your calendar and plan to attend the 2024 AMA Summer Academic Conference in Boston, MA, which will demonstrate the responsibilities of marketing to promote innovative, sustainable, inclusive and equitable technology-based offerings that advance the quality of life for humanity and the earth.

Call for Papers is now open. Submit your research for the 2024 conference today!