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Sep 24 - Sep 25, 2024

eTail Connect Autumn 2024


St. Albans, UK
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Cross-Platform , Digital , Retail , CX - Customer Experience
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eTail Connect Autumn 2024

Connect. Benchmark. Evaluate. Faster.

At eTail Connect, you’re in control. Your schedule is customised so you can cut through the noise and get your strategic benchmarking and vendor evaluation needs covered within days, not weeks.

Attendance is restricted to 100 eCommerce, Digital Marketing and Omnichannel leaders from the top UK Retailers and a select group of best-of-breed vendors to ensure high quality interactions. You will:

  • Brainstorm real and practical ideas to transform your businessthrough private, closed-door sessions led by market leaders.
  • Efficiently evaluate the leading service offerings during conveniently arranged 1-1 meetings with vendors that you select based on your current investment priorities.

It’s a Platinum Members’ Club offering a bespoke experience for those shaping the future of retail. It’s where you make the connections you need to make, when you want to make them.