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Apr 09 - Apr 11, 2024

Adweek Social Media Week 2024


New York, NY
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Social Media
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Adweek Social Media Week 2024

Creators and Beyond

As social media solidifies its stronghold as learning resources, communication vehicles, relationship builders, visibility platforms, brand-narrative stages and beyond, it has furthered its role as a supertool for advertisers and marketers.

But as the challenges associated with social media multiply—brand safety, data privacy, influencer strategy, polarity, new platform entrants and more—marketers need to isolate best practices to define and refine how they harness social media to reach an array of audiences.

And at a time when creators—their definition expanding—have hitched their wagons to social media’s star in profound, attention-holding ways, understanding how these forces of nature can work for and with brands has never been more important.

Come learn from the good, bad and ugly examples of what works, what doesn’t, and what you need to know now about the new era of social media.