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Mar 12 - Mar 12, 2024

MRS Annual Conference 2024


MRS Annual Conference 2024

MRS Annual Conference 2024 will be a festival of ideas and a celebration of the year’s most remarkable projects. As the sector evolves and adapts to a rapidly changing landscape, our annual gathering serves as a hub of knowledge exchange, celebrating excellence and pushing the boundaries of market research practices. In March 2024, we will take industry discussions of innovation, growth and opportunities to the next level, exemplifying what this looks like in practice.

We want our delegates to come away from the event brimming with ideas and inspiration that will equip them for the future of insight delivery.

MRS Annual Conference 2024 will celebrate what we are most proud of. We invite you to be a part of it!

We’ll showcase hot-off-the-press research and illuminate fascinating new findings. We’ll look at the new tools and technologies which challenge researchers but ultimately will help us to be better at what we do. We’ll tackle practical issues around quality, methodologies, operations and ethics. We’ll explore emerging trends and the societal shifts that will shape future consumer dynamics. And we’ll tackle AI (including ChatGPT) head-on, exploring what it means for us, both as consumers and practitioners, and how to incorporate it into our practice.