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Jan 09 - Jan 09, 2024

Campaign Breakfast Briefing: The Year Ahead


London, UK
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Agency , Brand Marketing , Media Marketing
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Campaign Breakfast Briefing: The Year Ahead

Looking ahead to the challenges facing brands and media owners in 2024

At Campaign's prestigious Year Ahead breakfast briefing event in January, our editors will talk to leading brands, agencies and media companies about how they plan to grow despite soaring costs – and how they are supporting their customers and employees. We will ask marketers and creatives what they want and expect from 2024 and we will examine some of the key growth drivers.

Why attend?

  • Take advantage of the fastest growing advertising market by identifying which sectors are set for the biggest growth in 2024
  • Enhance your business’ sustainability through incorporating more ESG initiatives
  • Elevate creativity by utilising data effectively to create more targeted, personal campaigns