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Jun 02 - Jun 02, 2022

Defining A Brand POV That Connects With Consumers 101


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Digital , Insights Development
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Defining A Brand POV That Connects With Consumers 101

This is the first workshop in the ANA’s Establishing an Effective Digital Brand Connection Program, a two-part series. To achieve mastery in this topic we encourage you to register for both workshops in the series, however you may register for any workshop that best fits your needs. Many marketers still struggle to connect digitally with customers in ways that clearly and authentically communicate the brand essence – and why your customers should engage with you. The idea that you can convince customers to engage or purchase simply by telling them to is flawed; today ‘story doing’, showing, and acting on how your business can improve your customer’s life is essential to make a lasting impression. In this workshop we will walk you through the steps to establishing, maintaining, and evolving your company's digital presence with authenticity by defining your brand point of view (POV). Using a sample B2B or B2C brand, participants first review current-day examples of leading web brand presences and conduct a SWOT analysis of a sample brand’s digital impact. After which, participants then work to clearly define a POV for their sample brand, and discuss how to leverage brand POV to create stronger emotional connections with consumers that impact lifetime value. Target Audience This workshop is for marketing and brand managers responsible for building a successful web presence and activation strategy, including: • Marketing Managers • Digital Marketing Managers • Community Managers • Social Media Managers It is particularly relevant for brands that: 1. want to understand ways to improve their competitive advantage in the digital space 2. are struggling to drive customer loyalty but aren’t sure why.